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 Counseling and psychotherapy clients seek help in significant distress, usually after coping for some time with difficulties in their relationships, frustrations in life, or internal conflicts, which interfere with good balance, adjustment and happiness. 


Clients first need understanding and compassion, and then focused, collaborative work with their counselor/therapist.  With increased self-awareness, exploration of emotions & motivations, and commitment to change, clients can make positive changes to cope better, have internal calm and balance, and achieve improved relationships and life satisfaction.

 It is a big decision for most people to enter counseling, and I am respectful of clients’ wishes to understand and feel in charge of the therapy process. 

 Some ways that I can help counseling & psychotherapy clients:

  • Coping with and reducing high levels of stress… reclaiming positive life balance
  • Resolving persistent tensions or conflict in personal life or at work... improving relationship satisfaction
  • Managing anxiety… and reducing effects of highly stressful incidents
  • Relieving the emotional impact of loss
  • Dealing effectively with the stresses of major life changes & transitions or cultural adjustments
  • Managing and reducing cumulative stress on the job... from working in high risk environments, dealing with significant organizational changes, etc.


Confidentiality and a collaborative approach are fundamental to my work.