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Consulting to Organizations

Combining individual, interpersonal and systems perspectives, I recognize that most requests for consultation involve complex situations and both risks and opportunities for an organization.  While clients seek understanding and clarity, they also expect guidance and assistance with pragmatic problem solving.

As a consultant, I integrate my organizational experiences as an occupational health psychologist, advisor to senior managers, and group facilitator in assisting client managers and teams to deal better with pressures and stresses at work and to improve team effectiveness. 

Organizations may request:

Facilitation for managers and their teams, to identify contributors to work stress, understand better their team dynamics, and plan & implement actions to balance, work relations and team effectiveness.

Consultation about stress and psychological issues that impact the performance of individual employees and work groups.

Consultation, from a psychological perspective, to senior managers on strategic interventions for managing risks and responsibilities during major crises, in the US or globally.

Participation of an external coach to work with an internal team coaching managers and senior leaders. 

Some organizations may be interested in
technical assistance and guidance for designing and planning a counseling and consulting service for their employees and managers.