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Coaching is a partnership between coach and client.  The agenda of coaching is to help a client clarify goals, increase awareness of strengths and weaknesses, develop insights into their engagement of self and values at work and in work relationships, deal with roadblocks to change and implement positive change for success.

Clients are the experts in their own work and professional spheres, and in our coaching work together their goals are the priorities.  My role as a coach is to facilitate clients' development and help them be accountable for the positive changes they want.

Do you want to enhance your effectiveness and leadership skills in a new managerial assignment?

Do you want to improve performance at work related to interpersonal, self-management and team skills?

Are you in a career transition -- e.g., shifting your professional focus, changing jobs or entering retirement -- and want to maximize the chances for success?

Are you an HR professional in charge of leadership coaching inside an organization and want to add an external coach to your team?

I work actively with clients to help them maximize their strengths to achieve their goals as professionals and leaders. Clients and I typically agree on a set number of meetings to work on their goals.  Coaching is available in face-to-face meetings, or by telephone or Skype.

Confidentiality and a collaborative approach are fundamantal to my work as a coach.